Ejercicios Presente Simple

Exercise 4. Mira las caritas al lado de cada pregunta y responde según corresponda. (Look at the faces next to the questions and answer). 

1.- Do you play tennis?  
2.- Does he sleep in the morning?  
3.- Does she speak German?  
4.- Does it eat fish?  
5.- Do they study English?  
6.- Do we swim in the river?  

Exercise 5. Responde a los siguientes preguntas. Utiliza respuestas cortas.
(Answer the following questions. Use short answers).

1.- Does a lion eat fish?   
2.- Does a doctor work in a restaurant?   
3.- Does a giraffe eat meat?     
4.- Does an elephant live in water?    
5.- Does a shark live on land?      
6.- Does a monkey eat bananas?    
7.- Does a nurse work in a hospital?       
8.- Does a cat like fish?       
9.- Does a mouse like cheese?     
10.- Do you live in Germany?      

Exercise 6. Lee las frases del ejercicio anterior y escribe frases ciertas.
(Read the sentences above and write true sentences).