Solución ejercicios much, many, lots of

Exercise 1. Are the nouns countable or uncountable? Write C or U.


Exercise 2. Choose the correct options.

1. There isn't much / many water.
2. Are there much / many teachers at your school?
3. There weren't much / many people at the concert last night.
4. I haven't got much / many homework today.
5. Are there many / much rice?
6. There isn't much / many stars tonight.
7. There are lots of / much dogs in the park.
8. There isn't many / much money in my bag.

Exercise 3. Complete the questions. Use How much and How many.

1. How much time have you got before luch?
2. How much salad is there in the fridge?
3. How many people in your family have got blue eyes?
4. How many eggs do we need for the cake?