Ejercicios genitivo sajón 's

Exercise 1. Estudia el árbol de familia de Los Simpson y elige la opción correcta. (Study the family tree and choose the correct option.)

a) Ling is Maggie's
b) Clancy is Marge's
c) Marge is Homer's
d) Abraham and Mona are Bart's
e) Patty is Selma's
f) Herb is Abraham's
g) Marge is Jackie's
h) Herb is Lisa's
Homer is Marge's
j) Ling is Selma's
k) Bart is Patty's
l) Maggie is Clancy's

1. a)  Completa las siguientes frases.(Complete the following sentences.)
1) Homer's  is Marge.
2) Lisa's  is Bart.
3) Maggie's  is Homer.
4) Marge's  are Selma and Patty.
5) Homer's  are Abraham and Mona.
6) Herb's  is Bart.
7 ) Ling's  are Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
8) Selma's  is Ling.
9) Lisa's  is Herb.
10) Jackie's  are Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ling.

Exercise 2. Responde a las siguientes preguntas. (Answer the following questions.)

a) Who is your mum's father?

b) Who is your uncle's wife?

c) Who is your father's mother?

d) Who are your father's mother and father?

e) Who are your aunt's sons and daughters?

f) Who is your father's wife?