Solución exercise 4. There be.

Write true or false:

1. There are some white stars.  False, There are some yellow stars.
2. There is a ghost. False, There aren't any ghosts.

3. There is an owl in the tree. False. There isn't an owl in the tree.

4. There is a big grey castle. True.

5. There are two trees. True.

6. There are lots of apples. False, There are two apples.

7. There are two red goshts. False, There are three red goshts.

8 There's a white moon. True.

9. There are five stars. False. There are lots of stars.

10. There is a red apple. True.

11. The big moon is blue. False. The big moon is yellow.

12. There aren't any ghosts. True.

13. There is an owl over the trees. False, There isn't an owl over the trees.

14. The stars are yellow. True.