Ejercicios genitivo sajón. Posesivos

Exercise 3. Lee y elige el número correcto para cada dibujo.


Hi!, my name is Robert, I'm from Scotland, I'm six years old. I live in a nice village near Glasgow called Elderslie. This is my family:

01. My brother's name is Matt. He is eight years old, he has got short dark hair. He is wearing a green pullover and trousers. 

02. My mum has got red hair and she is waving. She is wearing a beautiful pink dress.

03. I've got a little sister, her name is Sandy. She is 1 year old.

04. My grandfather's name is Paul. He is seventy-two years old. He has got a moustache and he is wearing glasses.

05. Lisa is my cousin, she has got brown hair and small eyes. She is wearing a red dress.

06. My father is wearing a red sweater and orange trousers. His name is Mark.

07. Tina is my elder sister, she is ten years old. She has got pigtails.

08. My grandmother's name is Claire. She is always happy. She lives in London with my grandfather.
3. a) Responde a las siguientes preguntas:

a) What colour is mum's dress?  
b) How old is Matt?  
c) What is Lisa wearing?  
d) Where is Robert from?  
e) Has Mark got a moustache?  
f) Is Paul wearing glasses?  
g) Has Tina got a ponytail?  
h) Is Claire happy?  

3. b) Elige verdadero (True) o falso (False).

01)  Robert lives in London.
02)  Mark is wearing a red sweater.
03)  Lisa is Robert's cousin.
04)  Tina is wearing a red dress.
05)  Matt's hair is long and dark.
06)  Robert's grandmother is always sad.
07)  Paul lives in London.
08)  Robert's grandmother's name is Sandy