Ejercicios sobre los muebles de la casa en inglés

Furniture (muebles)

Pulsa el reproductor y escucha con atención la pronunciación de los objetos de la casa. Una vez escuchado vuélvelo a reproducir y repite cada palabra en voz alta.

Exercise 1: Elige la opción correcta basándote en la definición de cada objeto.

1.  It is used to keep cool food.

2. It is used to produce light.

3. It is used to sit on, usually for use by one person.

4. A piece of furniture used as a place to sleep.

5. A container for holding water in which a person may have a bath.

6. A type of seat without back or arm rests.

7. A chair with arm rests.

8. It is a piece of forniture, usually placed next to the bed, used to leave objects during the night, such as a lamp, an alarm clock...

9.  It's used for seated persons to eat meals.

10. A piece of furniture used to store books.

11. A flat horizontal surface used for display and storage.

12. A type of storage cabinet, to store household objects and protect them from dust and dirt.