Ejercicios there is there are

Exercise 1: Completa las frases. Escribe there is o there are.
Complete the sentences. Write there is or there are.

a)  a church in my town.

b)  some fruit on the plate.

c)  two ducks in the river.

d)  lots of flowers in my garden.

e)  a cat on the sofa.

f)  some dogs in the park.

Exercise 2: Completa las frases. Escribe there isn't o there aren't
Complete the sentences. Write there isn't or there aren't.

a)  any coffee.

b)  a sofa in the living room.

c)  any chairs in the kitchen.

d)  a wardrobe in my bedroom.

e)  any flowers in the park.

f)  a big elephant in the zoo.

Exercise 3: Escribe preguntas y respuestas cortas. Write questions and short answers.

a) any animals in the park? YES

b) any books on the shelf? NO

c) any pictures on the wall? YES

d) a TV in your bedroom? NO

e) any money in her bag? YES

Exercise 4: Completa las frases. Escribe there is o there are.
Mira el dibujo y elige verdadero (True) o falso (False). Look at the picture and choose true or false.

 01. There are some white stars.

 02. There is a ghost.

 03. There is an owl in the tree. 

 04. There is a big grey castle. 

 05. There are two trees.  

 06. There are lots of apples. 

 07. There are two red owls.

 08. There's a white moon. 

 09. There are five stars. 

 10. There is a red apple.  

 11. The big moon is blue. 
 12. There aren't any ghosts. 

 13. There is an owl over the trees. 

 14. The stars are yellow.